From: James VanRegenmortel (
Date: 11/22/95

  I noticed today for the first time, that if you use iedit and redit, the 
olc.h file is unused. It is just a waist of space. I also noticed that
someday when I get the time to make zedit and or medit, everytime i add a new
flag like the redit_? iedit_? flags, I'll have to recompile the entire mud.
not too good for the lag :). So what I did was move all the IEDIT_?
REDIT_? definitions from structs.h to the olc.h file, deleting the stock 
circle defines. I added include "olc.h" to the iedit.c, redit.c, olc.c, and 
modify.c also modified the Makefile to include olc.h in those files. Now if 
I deside to make zedit or medit, when I add in the new flags, I won't 
have to recompile the hole mud, just those 4 files. Just something to 
think about for the users of iedit and redit. 
  But of course I have 2 questions. Anyone see any side affects I may have
overlooked by doing this? Also, someone posted a few weeks ago they were 
almost done with a zedit and was gunna put it on there ftp site? Is it 
complete and if so, what is the site? It will same me some time :)

  Thanx in advance,


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