Re: Races

From: Chi Hoai Tran (
Date: 11/23/95

On Wed, 22 Nov 1995, Ben Leibig wrote:

> I am looking to install races in my mud and i am woundering if anyone has 
> done it and if so how hard and complex it is.  For right now i just wanna 
> add 4 or 5 races and just have em effect your stats(Ie dwarfs are +1 str 
> -1 int)  or somthing.  Later i might wanna add speical abilitys like 
> infervison and the sort.  I was just woundering if anyone else has done 
> it and if so if  you could give me some advice.
At first, I thought races was a matter of just adding an extra field
in the char_data structure.  But then I had to modify it so that it saves
in pfile, and for some strange reason, even though i used the spare slots,
the pfile got corrupted - which involved messy reimburements. 
  Also, once the structure was in, the definitions of races had to be coded.
This means, aggressive mobs had to be recoded so that they are not agg to
the same race, new statistical racial limits were then coded
and spells targeting specific races were also added.  So, if you are planning
to implement races, it takes a bit of effort to make it more than cosmetic.

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