Re: Graphical Muds and Samedi's OLC (fwd)

From: Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) (
Date: 11/23/95

> Last note:  the OLC system by Samedi has been working at Cities for about 
>             3 weeks.  We have only run into a few small problems with 
>             editing mobs -- but have had no problem with creating new mobs,
>             objects, or areas.  It has been tested in limited fashion but 
>             is going into widespread use VERY soon.  The OLC package took
>             under an hour to install on 2 muds that I know of even taking 
>             time to add specific flags for each mud.  
> Darksword 
> Imp of Cities of Glory
> 4000

Whoah!  Where is this?  I've been hacking at a zedit for years it seems and
don't want to spend double that on an medit...

ObCode: In the sillymud teleporters, I've looked at the code and it seems
like theres a discretacy between the 'help' section and the db section.
If you look, there are only 7 argments on the room-sector line, where as,
in the db.c area, it reads up to t + 7 (or t+6 and an if-flag)...which leads
to the question: What indeed does the tele_mask Count do??
have a happy t-day.
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