Re: Graphical Muds and Samedi's OLC

From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 11/24/95

You wrote: 
>Re to all:
>Last note:  the OLC system by Samedi has been working at Cities for 
>            3 weeks.  We have only run into a few small problems with 
>            editing mobs -- but have had no problem with creating new 
>            objects, or areas.  It has been tested in limited fashion
>            is going into widespread use VERY soon.  The OLC package 
>            under an hour to install on 2 muds that I know of even ta
>            time to add specific flags for each mud.  
>My hats off to Samedi for creating a good package and for not being to
>PROUD to share it with others.

I ftp'd thi solc a ssoon an I saw the address :)
It took me about 30mins to install, and fit around my mud, and I love 
it.... now that I have smoe time today,  I need up update the flags :)

This is an excellient OLC, many praises to Samedi for a job well done

PS:  What exactly are the problems editing mobs?

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