Re: a little note on ^Ms

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 11/25/95

   > On Fri, 24 Nov 1995 wrote:
   > > 
   > > It seems more worthwhile to filter each string before it is written.
   > > 
   >  Yes, exactly. Why is it that you guys are finding it so hard to do this?

	   Wouldn't running an extra procedure on every string output by the mud 
   slow it down somewhat?  

	   (We ARE talking about strings output by the mud?  I hope I'm not 
   completely off base here.. . <grin>)

I believe they are referring to strings written to world files by the OLC
system.  This would only be done once per string (when its written to nn.wld
or nn.obj or whatever), not everytime the string is shown to a user.
Or, I could be completely misunderstanding, too...

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