Re: Net Trace Address on user command

From: d. hall (
Date: 11/27/95

 thus on Sun, 26 Nov 1995 23:57:43 -0700 (MST), Ben virtually scripted...

Ben> On Sun, 26 Nov 1995 wrote:

>> does anyone know or have done this and is willing to share this
>> information with me I am not the coder here just admin my coder is busy
>> on anouther project and I have a nasty user that keep bothing people and
>> I dont want to ban the entire site just her but she has 3 or 4 accounts
>> some of wich I cant see with the finger command if I dont know her
>> handle I cant ban her (well you know) I have to find out what the other
>> 3 accounts are soo I need to see who@whereever.whatever instead of just
>> whereever.whatever thank you for anyone who wants to help

Ben> This is not possible.  TELNET only sends the site and address, it does
Ben> not send the user name hense it is impossable to get it.  What I would
Ben> reccomend doing is sending a message to root@ the system she is on.
Ben> And asking them to kindly check the logs for who telneted at the time
Ben> she telneted.  You should then be able to find out who she is.

It is possible.  Check in inetd.conf for identd.  This daemon can be
_TAP_'ed.  If the host daemon's identd will allow, you can request the
username from it.  Unfortunately some sides don't run identd, and other
sites just run a skeleton daemon which doesn't sent such information.

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