Re: Net Trace Address on user command

From: Ben Leibig (
Date: 11/26/95

On Sun, 26 Nov 1995 wrote:

> does anyone know or have done this and is willing to share this 
> information with me
> I am not the coder here just admin my coder is busy on anouther project 
> and I have a nasty user that keep bothing people and I dont want to ban 
> the entire site just her
> but she has 3 or 4 accounts some of wich I cant see with the finger command
> if I dont know her handle I cant ban her (well you know)
> I have to find out what the other 3 accounts are soo I need to see 
> who@whereever.whatever instead of just whereever.whatever
> thank you for anyone who wants to help
> (((SIG SHRUNK FOR MAILING LIST PURPOSES)))The /./. i d n i g h t |) r a g 
> o n who runs The |_ a n d of the /./. i d n i g h t |) r a g o n
> Please email me at
This is not possible.  TELNET only sends the site and address, it does 
not send the user name hense it is impossable to get it.  What I would 
reccomend doing is sending a message to root@ the system she is on.  And 
asking them to kindly check the logs for who telneted at the time she 
telneted.  You should then be able to find out who she is.

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