Re: Net Trace Address on user command

From: Steve (
Date: 11/27/95

On Sun, 26 Nov 1995, Ben Leibig wrote:

> This is not possible.  TELNET only sends the site and address, it does 
> not send the user name hense it is impossable to get it.  What I would 
> reccomend doing is sending a message to root@ the system she is on.  And 
> asking them to kindly check the logs for who telneted at the time she 
> telneted.  You should then be able to find out who she is.
this is possible using identd, and its a very simple process, the only 
setback is that the connecting host must also have identd running. 
Majority of new OS's being shipped have this installed, and if not it is 
very simple to and is suggested by any administrator, if enough demand i 
can post the quick way to install it, the source for the libraries are 
already at one (or both) of the circle ftp sites

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