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From: Rasmus R\xnlev (
Date: 11/28/95

On Mon, 27 Nov 1995, KLA wrote:

> 'lo guys ...
> are there anyone who are willing to post the fix for login problem in the
> circle mud ?
> login  as a player ... try to login as the same player with  wrong
> password will close both sockets ...

Well, i noticed in the comm.c file, there was a so called 'cleanup' 
procedure that was closing ALL sockets having teh same username, when a 
user was set CON_CLOSE. It searched the entire player_list structure with 
a for statement... So, basicaly I just deleted it (i.e. only closed 
sockets/descriptors that were set CON_CLOSE). I know it's a little 
'Hacker Harry' alike.. but :)
It doesn't produce any locigal memory-leaks as far as I've noticed, but as 
it's a bit of a nasty hack, I'm not sure if you were able (with the help 
of our beloved Mr. Murphy and his laws) to get some strange results sometime.

I'm not near the code right now, so I can't tell you exactly where I did 
the change, nor what I did exactly... So, if noone else has any better 
ideas, mail me back, and I'll investigate it a bit :)

> thanks in advance 

How did you know if you shoudl be thankfull or not ?? *grin*

> CMytzgfBFAKmjeUPcmEnQK0uNhazLf8er+pj3msjrxhXfKSDI0UePA==
> =VLk8

GAHHH ?!?!! Why would I want that ? *grin*


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