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From: Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) (
Date: 11/28/95

You recently wrote:
> From: Alex <>
> > it doesn't support mobprogs... I think it might wipe out the mobprog
> > sections when you edit.
> > 
> Obviously not, that was something that someone ported over and isn't
> even in the standard distrib.  If you want it to support MobProgs,
> write it in.

Some people need things pointed out to them.  If it was obvious to you,
good.  It might not be obvious to all.  I'm not even gonna laugh at you
when you mention 'standard distrib'.  

> > It's not menu-based, so it may cause some problems for some people.
> >
> Why should this be a problem?  I have sene one menu based OLC system,
> and thought it was the ugliest beast I'd ever seen (=
It's a matter of style and visual presentation.  A menu system shows you
the item/mob/etc. you are editing as you manipulate it, automatically.
Whereas samedi's olc does not.  You type ?stat to see whatever it is you're
editing.  Also, with samedi's olc, there are more things to remember than
a menu based system which shows you everything you need to know or do or
change at a glance.  I ask, how many forgot to type "medit save" before
"medit done"?  (That's a rhetorical question, for those rh-deficient).
For some, it may cause problems.
What's ugly to one may be a blessing to another.   It's a matter of personal
taste and style.  Don't go critising... I haven't seen you put anything 
useful here.

ObTeleportRoom Answer:  That ghostly tele_mask TELEPROT_COUNT seems to be
a trigger that resets the counter each time it succesfully teleport someone.
Still don't see how this is differenet.
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