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From: Alex (
Date: 11/28/95

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) wrote:
> Some people need things pointed out to them.  If it was obvious to you,
> good.  It might not be obvious to all.  I'm not even gonna laugh at you
> when you mention 'standard distrib'.  
Why are you going to laugh at standard distrib?  He said that it was for
the standard one... not everyone puts in MobProgs, in fact, not a lot of
people put them in.

Wrt a menuing system, like you said, not everyone would want one, and it
did not need you to complain about it... all you needed say would be 
something like 'btw, the system isn't a menu'd one.'  Also, without the
menu'd system, it is easier to ask questions about things as you go...
with the menu'ing one, you'd have to save and exit first.  Just a note,
might it not be an idea to prompt the char with a question asking if
he or she wants to save before being 'done'?  Or maybe having it so that
you can't 'medit done' without saving, but rather you'd have to 'medit 

> Don't go critising... I haven't seen you put anything 
> useful here.
Check the world for CircleMud 3.0.   Read the credits file.  Look for
my name in there.  I put that all together.  I wrote new stuff, and
I converted it.  I may not know how to code something, but I know how
to walk someone through an algorithm, and obviously you haven't been
on the list long enough to have noted this yet.

--  Alex
"Spoon!" -- The Tick

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