RE: samedi olc

From: Sammy (
Date: 11/28/95

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) wrote:

> A few things I noticed about samedi's olc...
> you have to check the format it save mobs in... there was an extra
> field in one of the lines that was not very nice :)

That's a patch 7 thing. (I think).  Patch 7 doesn't support the E mobs, 
but while looking at my db.c parse_mobile code to get the format of the 
mob file, I noticed the code I had allowed that extra field, which was 
being read as mob barehand_attack_type.  This may be something in my mud 
only, but at the time I just assumed it was standard in patch 7 to allow 
the attack type to be set while the E-spec was being worked on.

> it doesn't support mobprogs... I think it might wipe out the mobprog
> sections when you edit.

We may install mobprogs sometime in the near future.  If so I'll add code 
to support it.  Until then, if you've got mobprogs you'll have to write 
your own hack to keep my code from destrying your mobprog stuff.  I don't 
even know the format they're in.

> It's not menu-based, so it may cause some problems for some people.

I know it could be a whole lot friendlier, but I thought that with decent 
online help and the included FAQ that the learning curve wouldn't be too 
steep.  Once you people get the hang of it they seem to like the fact 
that you can build a completely new object on 4 or 5 command lines.

I've got future plans to make things even easier when creating whole new 
zones, such as a prototype copy command, and a user-configurable default 
prototype for new object/mobs/rooms.  That should make building a new 
zone go a lot quicker, especially when lots of rooms all have the same flags.

> Took me 5 hours to 'plug in'... and still didn't quite work...
> If you're running standard circle3pl8 you might not have as much trouble.
> If your code has been heavily modified... good luck.

Yeah I should have put that warning in the readme.  It took me 4 or 5 
hours to port it to stock circle the first time, so I can imagine it'd be 
somewhat difficult if I had to port my own code back to my mud's code.


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