Re: casting-weapons spec_proc

From: Erik (
Date: 11/29/95

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995 SROWAN@WVNVAXA.WVNET.EDU wrote:

> Just wondering if anyone has coded a spec_proc for weapons to cast spells,
> and if so, would you be willing to show me how you did it..
> Thanks
> Steve
> @
  Here's a snippet, may need slight adjustments for Circle though.
Allows powers to be used once per day...

  if (arg && (cmd == CMD_SAY)) {
    if (isname(arg, "the magic word")) {
      if (IS_OBJ_STAT(obj, ITEM_LIT)) 
        REMOVE_BIT(obj->extra_flags, ITEM_LIT); 
      if ( > obj->value[0]) {
        act("You say 'the magic word'", FALSE, ch, 0, 0, TO_CHAR); 
        act("Your $p glows, and you feel power grow within it.", FALSE,
ch, obj, obj, TO_CHAR); 
        cast_invisibility(35, ch, 0, SPELL_TYPE_SPELL, ch, 0); 
        cast_detect_invisibility(35, ch, 0, SPELL_TYPE_SPELL, ch, 0); 
        obj->value[0] =; 
        act("$n says 'the magic word' to $p.", TRUE, ch, obj, obj, TO_ROOM); 
        return TRUE; 

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