objsave in position

From: James VanRegenmortel (darkangel@globalone.net)
Date: 12/02/95

i found a bug in the submitted code for entering wearing eq.
if an item is !RENT, and a person is wearing it or it is in a
container, they can save out fine... but when they try to come
back into the mud, it crashes. i can only think the code saves 
the anti rent item as normal, and when the person comes back in,
that item doesn't exist in there inventory. therefor it can't
put it in the right position and the mud crashes. does anyone
know how to fix this? i was thinking of putting an :

then save it...

in the for loops, but i am not sure exactly how to do it.
has anyone else fixed this? or even know about it?

thanx in advance,


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