Races, an often asked question...

From: Edward Long (ironwolf@csd.uwm.edu)
Date: 12/26/95

	Well, yes here we go again, Im looking for docs on creating races 
or code or whatever I can get my hands on.  Ive grep'd through the two 
most recent archives, the other two older ones seem to deal mostly with 
2.20.  Ive seen mention of a 'races doc' but think it was for 2.20.  Id 
take it if I could get it, but didnt find a copy in the files.  If anyone 
has even just the number of the letter in the archive that would help me 
Id be grateful!  Any info would be appriciated, and flamming will not be ;)

Ironwolf, he who never had a 20 line 'mail chaser'

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