(Non-code discussion) Auto-auction system

From: ShadowLord (dkoepke@california.com)
Date: 12/26/95

I've implemented an auto-auctioning system for the MUD I work at, now, 
but I have ran into a crash bug; I can probably write the neccessary code 
to fix the problem, however, the big problem is that I can't think of a 
good way to prevent the problem without removing the auctioned items.

The problem is if the current bidder logs off and the auction system 
tries selling the item to them, it obviously won't work; my first 
sollution was to keep the idnum of the last bidder and what they bid, but 
then I thought it was possible that _they_ would have logged off, and the 
last bidder would _be_ them, therefore, I'd be forced just to remove the 
item from the list.

Here's what I'm talking about:

[Auction] A polished longsword for 1000 gold, dmg-dice: 2d8.

> bid polished 1025
[Auction] You bid 1025 gold for "a polished longsword."

[Auction] A polished longsword going once to you.

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