Shared Memory

From: Mark Andrew Crichton (
Date: 02/28/96 this might not be the place to ask this...

Is there anywhere on the great Net (or does anyone know) the symantics of SysV
shared memory / interprocess communication?

Reason I want to know is I am toying around with the idea of a "crash proof"
world.  In my current view of it, I would require a world state file saved
every now and again (and at certain times as well).  Under the current state
of Circle being a monolithic MUD server, I would think it best to have a small
daemon sitting around that reads the world's current state and save the state 
file. (Reasoning: reduce the GOBS of lag this would enduce.)  Of course, I
need this daemon to see the current world in memory...and I think shared 
memory would fit the task nicely (unless I'm misunderstanding some key concept

Also, anyone know where I can get a non-blocking ident (RFC1413) protocol 
handler?  I think the one I currently have is a blocking type (grrrr.....) and
it is slowing things down at login (since I do ban control based on login@site
as well as the standard sitebans etc.)

Thanks in advance,
Mark Crichton

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