Results of OS survey

From: Daniel C. Cotey (
Date: 03/28/96

	My thanks to those who responded so quickly. This is the tally 
after 3 days. Linux seems to be far ahead, and nobody has mentioned any 
compile errors with stock circle.

Main systems -

Linux 		: 10
HP/UX		: 3
SunOS 		: 2
IRIX  		: 2
OSF1 /
Digital Unix 	: 2
FreeBSD		: 3
BSDI  		: 2

Off-line coding/Beta systems

Linux		: 6
MAC/unix	: 1
FreeBSD		: 2

	Amoung those who use linux 16mb ram seems to be considered about whats 
needed to run circle comfortably.  8mb seems to be considered tight, but 
useable if the harddive is fast (EIDE/SCSI) and system is not loaded. 
(I have 8 but a fast EIDE drive and seems fine with <10 users)

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