From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (
Date: 04/09/96

	Well, once LOADS of you know a lot more than me I have a question =o)
	Is there a way for me to get the player login in the users function?

I mean something like this :

Num Class   Name         State          Idl Login@    Login@Site
--- ------- ------------ -------------- --- -------- ------------------------
  9    -    UNDEFINED    Get name           10:21:49   [someone@xingu]
  8 [199 Wa] Earthquake   Playing         11 10:03:47  [another@berilio.fee]
  5 [  9 Wa] Anna         Playing          2 09:53:13   [jack@jaguari]
  3 [210 Mu] Bicudo       Playing            09:52:07  [jack@xingu]
  2 [205 Cl] Renyelc      Playing            09:51:00  [root@jaguari]
  1 [210 Wa] WidowMaker   Playing            09:51:00  [pira@berilio.fee]

	I don't like a guy that plays with a Mu, a Wa, a Cl, and a Th at the same time, I'd like players to use at most 2 chars at same time.
	And I have some hackers here I'd like to block them conecting or avoid them making shit snooping them =o)

	I *believe* there's a way, once that when you make an ftp the host machine knows you're you.

	Thanks in advance. 6666

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