Re: Was: Mob Experience: Mob Experience

From: Katzlberger Thomas (
Date: 04/24/96

Hehe my function looks like this:

Character::getExpAtLevel(int x)
	float e,a,b,c;
	a = (x+3000.0)/LVL_IMPL;
	b = a*PI-PI/2;
	c = sin(b)+1;
	e *= c/2;
	return int(e);

EXP_IMPL 2000000000
LVL_IMPL 15000

spell calculations are in % of LVL_IMPL ... 0-100


I hope nobody on this list is getting as many
duplicates of my ANSI color message as I ...
I got about 4 of them until now ... ugh.

To the person with the NeXT on this list ...
I wrote a mudshell for NeXT if you want a copy
let me know ...


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