Re: Installing Item and Level Limits (question)

From: JRhone (
Date: 05/06/96

> IMHO level limits on gear is THE DUMBEST and most UNREALISTIC thing I can
> think of. How about making it so newbies cant' GET the high level gear? The
> reasons they have it is: A high level gave it to them, hence there is an
> overabundance, they stole it (every right to have it then), or a player had
> a high level char and remade a new one, keeping the old gear (nothing you
> can do about that, and he has a right to keep his gear)
> Try solving the problem beforwe you impose somehting most players detest and
> something so utterly unrealistic.
> Hades

i disagree wholeheartedly :)
now i agree with you if you put level restrictions on gear with the ONLY 
reason being to restrict low level chars from using high level gear and 
levelling like a bat out a hell, but, we implemented it with a general 
reasoning behind it that's more than that...

for example, lets say there is this sword of word, mega weapon here, big 
damage, some +mods and what not, also this thing throws a fireball every 
couple rounds, and gives the wielder a haste affection...

i believe it's entirely conceivable that an inexperienced adventurer 
simply does not have the ability nor the -----^ experience to wield such 
a powerful and magical weapon, however someone who has journied far and 
wide and has gained experience in the use of magical weapons such as this 
would not encounter as much difficulty wielding it

so to sum it up, if someone is just doing it to do it, i agree with you, 
but if level restrictions are put in place as the result of some actual 
believable reasoning process, then i disagree

just mho of course...


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