Re: Installing Item and Level Limits (question)

From: Ground Zero Enterprises (
Date: 05/06/96

Maybe if someone wanted to stop newbies from using such 'high level' 
equipmkent is implementing another field in the playerfile called 
willpower or something similar based on level/attributes/race(if imped in 
some systems dwarves may have a harder time of using magical items).  
Then when an item is atempted be worn it checks to see if the items 
rating is > the players willpower to see if he/she can wear it.  The 
reasoning behind this being that you must be able to control the item 
before it can be properly used.

Just my two cents.

On Mon, 6 May 1996, JRhone wrote:

> > 
> > IMHO level limits on gear is THE DUMBEST and most UNREALISTIC thing I can
> > think of. How about making it so newbies cant' GET the high level gear? The
> > reasons they have it is: A high level gave it to them, hence there is an
> > overabundance, they stole it (every right to have it then), or a player had
> > a high level char and remade a new one, keeping the old gear (nothing you
> > can do about that, and he has a right to keep his gear)
> > 
> > Try solving the problem beforwe you impose somehting most players detest and
> > something so utterly unrealistic.
> > 
> > Hades
> > 
> > 
> i disagree wholeheartedly :)
> now i agree with you if you put level restrictions on gear with the ONLY 
> reason being to restrict low level chars from using high level gear and 
> levelling like a bat out a hell, but, we implemented it with a general 
> reasoning behind it that's more than that...
> for example, lets say there is this sword of word, mega weapon here, big 
> damage, some +mods and what not, also this thing throws a fireball every 
> couple rounds, and gives the wielder a haste affection...
> i believe it's entirely conceivable that an inexperienced adventurer 
> simply does not have the ability nor the -----^ experience to wield such 
> a powerful and magical weapon, however someone who has journied far and 
> wide and has gained experience in the use of magical weapons such as this 
> would not encounter as much difficulty wielding it
> so to sum it up, if someone is just doing it to do it, i agree with you, 
> but if level restrictions are put in place as the result of some actual 
> believable reasoning process, then i disagree
> just mho of course...
> jtrhone
> aka
> vall
> RoA

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