Re: Changing spells without consulting players

From: JRhone (
Date: 05/08/96

> This may be none of your concern but i'm just interested to find out what 
> you all think about gods who go around changing spells and other code on 
> players without notifying them... especially when these changes really 
> stuff up the mud and get players really mad.

two sides to this coin imho, one it really is up to the administration to 
decide what they do to the mud, unless you're paying to play there, you 
have little or no influence on the final decisions of the mud 
administration, so pick a new mud or deal with it...:)

now the other side is one which many people will agree with, players make 
the mud, period.  if (!PLAYERS) {
		    mud = NULL;

the whole purpose of a mud i think is to make it enjoyable to play and if 
yer admin isn't doing that, then they are failing... and if they ignore 
you after the fact, then that really sucks

so comin straight from an imp's mouth - if i deem a change to be 
necessary, i feel no obligation to get permission from the players before 
doing so, BUT i certainly seek good admin/player relations so 9 times 
out of 10 i will leave a post up on one of the boards letting people know 
what i plan and to gimme comments about what they think about it

now all rights reserved vs flaming, this is meant for my general 
philosophy for muds which are TRULY open, i.e. not beta/alpha/anything
but 80 percent of circleMUDS are in beta or some similar stage, so maybe 
it doesn't mean much (a beta mud has higher priorities than pleasing the 
playerbase for instance)

hey, just another throat puke.


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