Changing spells without consulting players

From: Sam Taylor (
Date: 05/08/96

This may be none of your concern but i'm just interested to find out what 
you all think about gods who go around changing spells and other code on 
players without notifying them... especially when these changes really 
stuff up the mud and get players really mad.

This has just happened on the mud that i am on - not for the first time 
either. The earthquake spell for cleric's was changed so that instead of 
being 1/4level*(6d7+10) and using about 35 mana, it was changed to 
something toatally useless (HEAPS less powerful) and it now uses about 85 
mana. This chane has effectively made clerics (along with all the other 
classes) completely useless... this combined with mob upgrades has killed 
the mud.

Just wanted to get some thoughts on the issue :)


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