Re: Oh man is this a bad one... (fwd)

From: Kresimir Kukulj (
Date: 05/09/96

>> well, free()ing ch should kill all memory of it, right? 5 mins later if I
>> check a pointer I set to the ch before I freed it, it still had the mobs
>> stats. It doesnt seem to be getting free'd. That's my main problem.

>of course it is free()'d...  But free() does NOT set the memory to 0's, it
>just tells your OS that it is no longer allocated.

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Does free() returns memory resources to system ????

Solaris, I think does not return memory resources (free them but do not return
them). I don't know on other systems... 
I hear that gnu-set of malloc routines have its own version of malloc
and free that can return allocated memory.

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