Re: IDEA: One list, two lists, or something else...

From: Raistlin (
Date: 05/10/96

> >Why don't we create a UseNet group for Circle.  There is more than
> >enough traffic on this list to fuel it, and I'm sure we could get
> >enough names to create an offical 'rec' group rather than just an
> >alt' one.  "" perhaps.
> >Any comments?
Yeah, then maybe it will get all the same coding help that you can get in and alt.mud.programming.  All that I see those morons do is fight 
over whos mud is the best, and how they can "code" better then one another.  Yeah great 
idea, lets just ruin the mailing list and make it a news group.  Also, about 2 lists.  
Whats a stupid idea.  If you great C coders out there just can't put up with newbie 
questions, maybe you shouldn't be on this HELP mailing list.  I thought the idea of this 
list was to help people out, not fight over how important their question is.  This is 
getting as bad as a news group.  If you don't want to read the newbie questions, DON'T! 
 Delete can't be that hard for your elite C-coder self, highlight, delete button.  Hard 
stuff.  Yes, there have been some very easy to answer questions just by looking thru the 
code or a FAQ, but it only takes one person to give that person the help he/she needs.  
Not 5 or 6 people telling him/her that their question isn't wanted and they should go 
buy a book and read the whole thing before asking any of their questions again.  What 
kind of stuck up shit is that?  I would personally have those 5 or 6 people bombarded by 
 anonymous Email, with loads of newbie questions that they can't respond to.  

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