Re: OasisOLC: Anyone w/ room desc. problems?

From: Harvey Gilpin (
Date: 05/13/96 (Eric Soderquist) wrote:

>Is anyone else having problems with OasisOLC and room descriptions?

Damn.  Thought I had gotten away with that one.
Here's the deal:

I released the bug fix version, but didn't bother testing some last
minute changes since they were so trivial and because I was so bored
with it all.  So naturally, Sod's Law came into play and ensured the
bug fix release was rendered completely useless by my last minute


Anyhow, I got my act together and fixed the bugs.  I was hoping some
people would give it a bit of a beta test before I announced it's
released, but now that the cat's out of the bag so to speak...

The FIXED-bugfix(!) version (1.2) should now be available from:

It might even work this time around. :)

I recommend all those using the old version to get a hold of it, even
if only to take a look at the bug list in the README file.



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