Mob Progs

From: Che Lucero (
Date: 05/30/96

Heh thanx for the suggestion, it was indeed needing a space instead of the tab that shoulda been there :P
heh thank goodness i can still run to my daddy for problems :P :P :P
hehe, Now i have a whole SLEW of warnings/errors when i make all... still having that stupid problem with
the socket_t thing... i tried the suggestions and everything that people made... just donest work.  I'm about to give up on them until someone makes a new patch
for circle pbl11 that has oasis installed into already.. Sigh... i really wanted the mobprogs too *sniff sniff*
[trying to drum up enough sympathy for y'all to make a patch like that :P ]

anyway lates.... guess i'll keep trying.. dunno how i'm suupposed to combat 300 lines of errors and junk.

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