Adding str dam mods
Date: 06/02/96

I am trying to add in a segment that checks a char's str,
if char str is a certain number (18 or higher) it applies
a certain damroll modifier.

my code is this:

if (GET_STR(ch) >= 18) {
	if (GET_STR(ch) == 18)
		GET_DAMROLL(ch) += 1;
	else if (GET_STR(ch) == 19)
		GET_DAMROLL(ch) += 2;
	else GET_DAMROLL(ch) += 5;
I have tried placing this segment in various places in handler.c, inthe
affect_modify and affect_total functions.

It seems to do something, for when I wear a +str item, it adds tot he dam
of the char, but in the wrong amounts.
ex a +5 dam helm was adding 14 to the damroll when the char's str was 23,
which should have been adding 5(from the weapon) + 5(from the str bonus)
for a total of 10, not 14.

is my code wrong, or am I placing this in the wrong spot?

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