Re: Mob progs

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 06/02/96

On Sun, 2 Jun 1996, Che Lucero wrote:

>     52  >all_greet_prog 99~
>     53  if isgood($n)
>     54    mpechoat $n $I wags $l tail at you.
>     55    mpechoaround $n $I wags $l tail at $n.
>     56  else
>     57   mpechoat $n $I growls at you.
>     58  endif
>     59  |

The documentation included with mobprograms is wrong.  A closing tilde (~)
is required after each mobprogram.  For instance, the above should be
written as:

  >all_greet_prog 99~
    if isgood($n)
      mpechoat $n $I wags his tail at you.
      mpechoaround $n $I wags $l tail at $n
      mpechoat $n $I growls at you.

Note the tilde before the pipe (|).  The tilde seperates mobprograms from
one another.  If you have two mobprograms assigned to the same mob, then
each one is seperated by a tilde.  The last mobprogram ends with the tilde
and the pipe.

I'm not quite certain, however, whether 'mpechoaround' takes an argument?

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