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From: i9974319 (
Date: 06/08/96

Yes I would like to take a look at your code, even if it is modified 
maybe it will give me a place to start.  I would really like to have 
races, I can't believe it was not thought of even in the most simplest 
form and already in Circle to be added to or modified.



On Sat, 8 Jun 1996, Tim R. Yohn wrote:

> On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, i9974319 wrote:
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> > not know enough to even begin to come up with a way.  Also has anyone out 
> > there put is races?
> 	Yes, yes, I have put in races, and a racial language system (it
> just allows two dwarves to talk to each other and elves can't understand
> it :).  Altho I can't make a patch for you on my race system it is very
> refined and the addition of a new race only requires making about three
> changes and those are very simple (and I always add a new language for the
> race so that adds three more changes, but still very simple (I added
> gnomes in about 5 minuets and that included thier new language) :).
> 	Like I said I can't make a patch (my system is in complete
> overhaul right now (I'm switching from AD&D style system to Rolemaster,
> which I feel has more diversity but makes my code useless on any other
> CircleMUD).  But what I could do if you feel up to it is let you see my
> race.c and/or lang.c files.  It then only takes a small change to
> interpreter.c (the nanny needs to be told to let you select a race) and a
> couple additions to structs.h and utils.h.
> 	I like to feel it's quite a refined system that works well but
> like I said my code is hevaily modified and you would have to un-modify it
> to make any good usage out of it...
> 	As for multi-class, I havn't tackled that one yet.  Altho it is in
> my near future once my system conversion is complete...
> 	Boy, this is long... It's time to sleep... Laters...
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