Re: PROPOSAL: Dynamic Object and Mob support

From: George (
Date: 06/10/96

On Sun, 9 Jun 1996, rclark wrote:

> This is one of the major gripes I have with Circle. The inablility to change char strings
> in objects and mobs.  I realize that the mud is designed to conserve memory, but maybe

I wrote up a quick & dirty 'string' command which changes a mobs name, alias,
or long description at will.  Currently existing mobs of the same vnum aren't
changed however anything you load AFTER that change will have the 
modification.  It also can change around PC names which is a really wierd
thing to do because you can have two PC's with the same name (note that if
you save, you're messed) :), but if you're careful (and limit it to imps 
only), you can use it to change offending PC names.  I doubt it's the most
stable function but it works.  And I don't know if it was causing random
PC's to lose their names (because a "" name) or not but I doubt it because
I disabled it in the code, rebooted and I still lost my name :)
(set self name <txt> works great in that case)

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-George of Dragon'Spire @ 5k

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