Re: Diffrences in a.out/ELF?

From: Con (
Date: 06/15/96

On Sat, 15 Jun 1996, Ole Gjerde wrote:

> The binary gdb on sunsite works fine on a elf system.  Slackware 3.0 gdb 
> is broken.  (
> My setup is the same as on the help-page

Well, could you give me a filename ? I've been thru 4.14.elf.1.tar.gz or 
somethign like that, 4.16.gz and allso downloaded the full sources for 
4.16 and compiled it from 'scratch' and every solution came up with the 
errors described in an earlier message.
Allso, what kernel do you use ?
What sort of kernel support did you make, and did you compile the kernel 
as ELF or a.out ?


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