Re: Mailing List Rules

From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 06/26/96

Brian Pape wrote:
>I haven't seen any mention of a faq for this mailing list, if
>there truly isn't one, we definately need to get one together...

A FAQ (or list of guidelines for the list) could be included in the
introductory material sent out to new subscribers.

>-Topics which are OFF-TOPIC to the mailing list, and are not welcome:
> Coding questions which have nothing to do with Circlemud, and can be
> answered in any beginning C textbook.

Definitely.  I suspect a lot of the irritation that has come from imps
is the result of people asking questions that clearly indicate they
don't understand C.

>- References:
>Beginning C questions can be answered in any number of books,
>including 'The C Programming Language' by Kernigham and Ritchie.


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