Re: New lower prices for the site service!

From: Jack Wilson (
Date: 06/27/96

Hades wrote:
>Welcome to mudtech! The place on the net where we ENCOURAGE you to run
>your mud and kick some ass while doing it. Most if not all ISP's out
>there do not want a program that uses 5% CPU time and anywhere from 4
>to 20 megs of ram on their systems, and who can blame them? It beats
>the hell out of the system for the other regular users, not to mention
>eating bandwidth like crazy. So I have developed a solution... mudtech.
> Setup fee               -       No charge.
> Base mud account        -       $55/month

Those prices are too high.  Corenet is offering MUD site hosting FREE
(base charge), and all their other charges are comparable.

To contact Corenet and ask for a rate sheet, email

Disclaimer: Not affiliated with corenet.  If you know of any
   other low priced services, please post them to the list.
   I'm sure everyone will appreciate the price wars delivered
   daily to their mailboxes.  *roll*

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