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From: Skylar (
Date: 06/28/96

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, Jeeves wrote:

> Another methodology question for those of you who know the circle 
> code inside and out...
> I think I have the intro system figured least, I've got the 
> array in and the means of adding to it. Also, I have a function that 
> checks to see whether two characters are introduced or not. Now, the 
> only question is...where do I call it? I am thinking of one of two 
> solutions:

Your best bet is probably right within perform_act(), I took a look at
it and it doesnt look that bad... you have both people's struct right in
there and it shouldnt be difficult to add your checks and make the call
to either GET_NAME() or whatever you use for non-introducded folks in its

> Anyone have any bright ideas? They're welcome here!

Hmm.. maybe.  Out of curiosity, what do non-intro'd people look like to
each other?  Are you using some generated desc, from sex, race, class re:

the elven female ranger

or more complex, size, weight, etc...?

the portly dwarven warrior

I wonder, is it worth all that... do people look the same, re: do all
human warriors look the same before they're introduced?  I have been
getting along fine just letting people make their own short descript,
and not using any intro stuff... once you've been around someone playing
say, "the battle-scarred muscular dwarf" you probably know his name,
and wont confuse him with anyone else... if you must SEE his name, I
dont know why anyone would want to, you can just use tintin and #sub it.

*shrug* Just my opinion... maybe you've got other uses for intro code?


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