CODE: Auction code offer (long description)

From: George (
Date: 07/01/96

Thanks to for sending me his auction code which
I scanned through briefly for getting me to actually write this.  It's
not based on his, didn't use his code...(mainly because I had a
different concept of how auction should work), but I still thank him ;)

The auction code I designed to be modular and fit simply into Circle,
I personally only added around 6 lines to the standard circle code
(2 protos, 1 log, 1 if, and 2 functions).  All you need otherwise is
the appropriate Makefile line, (list all the #includes, duh) :),
and you can optionally make one section into a .h file for more global
access.  It is capable of checking the auctioner still has the object
at time of purchase which a simple 3 line function (for, if, return)
which I outline how to write.  The only current metod I know of
making it point off into uncharted memory is by quitting, but you can
easily make your own checks for that.

If no one bids, the item is removed shortly due to lack of interest.
It will go through, once, twice, sold states, with cute messages upon
delivery. ;)  In the vein of simplicity and not telling you to make
a new function in handler.c and rewrite do_gen_comm, I removed the
original code to make a mob use the auction channel for a simpler
send_to_all which I assume (and hope) most people will change to
something better...and to stop rambling on and on...

If you want it (it's 6k without commenting), just e-mail a request.

-George of Dragon'Spire, 5000
 (Official auctioneeress, Shyra)

Disclaimer: it works for me, but I just modified the code to be suitable
            for everyone else at 1:17 in the morning so I may have
            forgotten a change or something...

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