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From: Nuku Nuku (
Date: 07/01/96

> >     if (t->character)
> >       if (GET_LEVEL(t->character) < LVL_IMMORT)
> >         proc_color(tmp, 0);
> > 
> > RIGHT before 
> > 
> >    if (!failed_subst)
> >       write_to_q(tmp, &t->input, 0);
> > 
> > This will strip the \c codes out of whatever they wrote.  While you could 
> > do this other ways, I liked this so that other people wouldn't learn the 
> > codes.
> Wait, not being familar with the code that was sent out, and only being
> familar with the code I wrote two years ago to accomplish this, there
> seems to be a logic error here.  I assume that proc_color(tmp, 0) removes
> the color codes from the string (tmp)?  If so, what you have effectively
> done is make it so mortals cannot see the color, but they still may use
> them.  Am I correct in my assumption?

No, this is in process_input.  The information that the player is sending 
to the mud.  If they are less than LVL_IMMORT, it strips out all the 
codes from their "input".  However, any color codes that are put in by 
gods, or are in the game, are processed by the call to proc_color in 
process_output, sending the color codes to the players properly.


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>    I downloaded GNU-WIn32 and most of the utilities for it yesterday
>   in hopes of compiling a binary for WIn-32. I was able to run all GNU 
>   apps with no problems. (bash cat make gcc etc.... ) BUT. I get 
>   plenty of errors when i run configure for circle. Is there some sort 
>   of premade Makefile for this? I tried all the included makefiles. 
>   Maybe someone would even upload a binairy. If not.. When I finaly 
>   compile this thing I will probaly upload it to I would 
>   perfer is someone sent me a makefile. Then I could apply patchs and 
>   such. later.

Does anyone ever read documentation anymore?  People ask this question
all the time but the answer can be quite easily found by reading a short
text file.

There is a file called README.WIN distributed with Circle that tells you
to use the files and for Windows.

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