From: Nuku Nuku (
Date: 07/01/96

Btw, for those of you that added the Easy color thingy that was put over 
this list a little while back.  (I dont remember the name of the writer 
(sorry) So i can't credit him)  First, it works great, though you need to 
add a few more colors to the array.  Second, remember that mortals can 
use the colors too.  If you DONT want this, in comm.c in the 
process_input procedure, put:

    if (t->character)
      if (GET_LEVEL(t->character) < LVL_IMMORT)
        proc_color(tmp, 0);

RIGHT before 

   if (!failed_subst)
      write_to_q(tmp, &t->input, 0);

This will strip the \c codes out of whatever they wrote.  While you could 
do this other ways, I liked this so that other people wouldn't learn the 


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