Re: Color

From: ShadowLord (
Date: 07/01/96

On Mon, 1 Jul 1996, Nuku Nuku wrote:

> > familar with the code I wrote two years ago to accomplish this, there
> > seems to be a logic error here.  I assume that proc_color(tmp, 0) removes
> > the color codes from the string (tmp)?  If so, what you have effectively
> > done is make it so mortals cannot see the color, but they still may use
> > them.  Am I correct in my assumption?
> No, this is in process_input.  The information that the player is sending 
> to the mud.  If they are less than LVL_IMMORT, it strips out all the 
> codes from their "input".  However, any color codes that are put in by 
> gods, or are in the game, are processed by the call to proc_color in 
> process_output, sending the color codes to the players properly.

Ah, okay.  I was wrong (again :)), I didn't catch the placement, but upon
further inspection, I noticed the write_to_q() which passed t->input as an
argument.  So, I was wrong.

On the controversial side -- I don't see what's wrong with allowing
players to use color codes, although I keep certain codes to myself
(flash/background) because they're annoying when used too much, but really
help a lot when I'm doing things.  I also allow players to use color codes
which display differently to different people, according to their color
settings.  This leaves a big whole for people to be annoying, but if they
are, I can just make a PLR_NOCOLOR flag and make it so they cannot use
color.  It seems to me like removing color from everyone is no fun.  :)


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