Windows offline editor for CircleMUD

From: pi (
Date: 07/02/96

Hi All,

I am working on a Windows editor for CircleMUD.  It will basically do all 
the expected, plus it has a few mapping utilities to make world creation 

I am sending this post to get an idea of what kind of interest there is 
in this type of program.

The plan is to release a Win 3.1 version (also works under 95) first with 
all subsequent versions being Win95/NT only.

Please drop me a note (ME, not the mailing list ;) if you're interested, 
including any special features you'd like to see.

p.s. This account is currently unsubscribed to the list, so make sure you 
reply to me or you will be using everyone else's bandwidth and I won't 
even see it. =)

Department of Redundancy Department signing off,
 3.14 etc.

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