Re: Color code question.

From: John C. Dodds (
Date: 07/02/96

Mud Admin wrote:
> My thanks to the repost of the color code, it looks REALLY nice...
> EXCEPT, if I have my color turned off, in a room with the \c## then it is
> displayed in the text.
> (example)
>     You find yourself transformed into your new, virtual body. You are
> almost ready to join the In Character areas and become part of the
> \c01GAME\c00.
> When I put my color complete, it looks great.
> Since this is in the wld file, is there any way around it?
> Help/advice is welcome, flames however are not.
> --Ziz, NetShamen

Heya this was posted to the list last night and should work since it is
stripping the ansi codes from the input string before it is sent.
you will have to change the if levelimmort line to check for char color 
level or something i think not sure haven't tried it yet.

On Mon, 1 Jul 1996, Nuku Nuku wrote:

> Btw, for those of you that added the Easy color thingy that was put over
> this list a little while back.  (I dont remember the name of the writer
> (sorry) So i can't credit him)  First, it works great, though you need to
> add a few more colors to the array.  Second, remember that mortals can
> use the colors too.  If you DONT want this, in comm.c in the
> process_input procedure, put:
>     if (t->character)
>       if (GET_LEVEL(t->character) < LVL_IMMORT)
>         proc_color(tmp, 0);
> RIGHT before
>    if (!failed_subst)
>       write_to_q(tmp, &t->input, 0);
> This will strip the \c codes out of whatever they wrote.  While you could
> do this other ways, I liked this so that other people wouldn't learn the
> codes.

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