The Fix for Easy Color

From: grimlockk (
Date: 07/03/96

Ok, thanx for posting the Easyu Color code, but, here's the fix that he
posted in his next note :) Since a few of u have asked for it ->
       comm.c, under externs, change void proc_color(char *inbuf);
       to ==>  void proc_color(char *inbuf, int color);

       and, change the if(t->character)
                       if (clr(t->character, C_NRM))
TO ==>>
               proc_color(i, (clr(t->character, C_NRM)));

       and in color.c, change the definition to
       void proc_color(char *inbuf, int color)
       and after  the line j+=4,
               add if(color)
                       Hope this makes sense, it's a summary of
       three point''s ( easy color fix

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