Re: OFF-TOPIC: License question...

From: Skylar (
Date: 07/03/96

On Tue, 2 Jul 1996, ed wrotniewski wrote:

> And as a side note... IMHO the circle licence is way too damn strict. It
> costs me a lot of money to run my mud, and it doesnt even allow for
> donations for upkeep of the site. All that does is discourage people from
> putting up a mud/site.

If you're that fucking greedy, and think your code is so good as to be worth
buying, code your own fucking server and charge/sell it as much as you want.
Who cares how much it costs you to run your mud?  You choose to do it.  It
doesnt say anywhere that any idiot who wants to run a mud should be able to
run one cost-free.  What if Jeremy decideded he should diff all of circle
against stock diku, and sell that "patch" to all the circle implementors hm?
Sheesh, he's done a lot more work than you have, and you're whining about
not being able to make a profit from your hobby?  That attitude really makes
me sick... the worst part is, you could probably get a bunch of the patch-
anything-in lamers who know next to nothing outside of typing 'make' about
coding to go along with it.  Its really not that hard to code your own 
server.  If you think your code is so good as to be merchandicable and you
can't accomplish some simple socket coding, it probably issnt as great as
you think.

> Not to try and beat the system, but as I feel that restriction is unfair,
> here's an idea on how you can get donations for your site without them being

Bleh... and I thought you were pretty lame for spamming the list with 
ads and numerous followup posts about a commercial mud site (which most 
ISP's have been offering for years). This really takes the cake, posting 
ways you've discovered how to "get around" the circle and diku license 
agreements... I want to puke!  

-Skylar, disgusted.

BTW: Are you related to Vryce of Medievia?

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