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From: ed wrotniewski (
Date: 07/03/96

> If you're that fucking greedy, and think your code is so good as to be worth
> buying, code your own fucking server and charge/sell it as much as you want.
> Who cares how much it costs you to run your mud?  You choose to do it.  It
> doesnt say anywhere that any idiot who wants to run a mud should be able to
> run one cost-free.  What if Jeremy decideded he should diff all of circle
> against stock diku, and sell that "patch" to all the circle implementors hm?
> Sheesh, he's done a lot more work than you have, and you're whining about
> not being able to make a profit from your hobby?  That attitude really makes
> me sick... the worst part is, you could probably get a bunch of the patch-
> anything-in lamers who know next to nothing outside of typing 'make' about
> coding to go along with it.  Its really not that hard to code your own 
> server.  If you think your code is so good as to be merchandicable and you
> can't accomplish some simple socket coding, it probably issnt as great as
> you think.

A) I never said I was selling code. I was responding to a post that asked if
it was legal to sell patches.
B) As to Jermey Elson doing more work than I on a mud, I'd put that up to
debate any day of the week. Ebon Mists is 3x the code size of stock circle,
and I have COMPLETELY overhauled the world/mob/obj prototypes into a format
which is 100x better and more memory and cpu efficient, and have just quite
recently done the same to allow for my zone olc to work 100x more
efficiently. I'm not flaming Jermey, he's done an AMAZING job and my mud
wouldnt be around withouyt his code and hard work, but it is unfair for you
to say he's done more than I have. IMHO The world/mob/obj/zone changes I
made should BE IN Circle, but as I emailed him a few months ago about it and
got no reply, I assumed his answer was no.
C) I never ever ever ever EVER said profit. I NEVER said that I wanted to
make a profit off the mud. I never IMPLIED that I wanted to make a profit
off the mud. What I DID say was that it would be nice if we could accept
donations to help offset the costs of running a mud. When a player hears be
bitch about my phone and ISP bill, and they willingly and gladly offer me a
donation without me even asking for it (It HAS happened) it kinda sucks that
I have to say no because the diku creators said that I cant. Well
regardless. I'm junking all the circle code in my mud anyway sometime soon
and rewriting it to the way I'd like it, so dont bitch about socket handling
and port shit and whatnot. Because I do know how to do it.

> > Not to try and beat the system, but as I feel that restriction is unfair,
> > here's an idea on how you can get donations for your site without them being
> Bleh... and I thought you were pretty lame for spamming the list with 
> ads and numerous followup posts about a commercial mud site (which most 
> ISP's have been offering for years). This really takes the cake, posting 
> ways you've discovered how to "get around" the circle and diku license 
> agreements... I want to puke!  

Go ahead, puke, it's unfair that I cant take a donation someone offered to
me. WHo the fuck are you? One of the diku cerators in disguise? Or just
someone who's amazingly proud of Diku/Circle and who will stand by it til
your death? I've never seen someone defend the license so vehemently as you


Ps. This is the last post to the list regarding this. You talk about
spamming the list Skylar but your long winded reply to me went to the list,
not directly. This is on the list because I WILL defend my views... and if
you say things about me publicaly, I'll respond in like.

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