Re: OFF-TOPIC: License question...

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 07/03/96

> B) As to Jermey Elson doing more work than I on a mud, I'd put that up to
> debate any day of the week. Ebon Mists is 3x the code size of stock circle,
Um.. no offense, but that means nothing at all.  One of the things I'm most
proud of is that the code size of Circle has *decreased* with almost every
release despite the increased functionality.

Big Code is not necessarily Good Code.

> to say he's done more than I have. IMHO The world/mob/obj/zone changes I
> made should BE IN Circle, but as I emailed him a few months ago about it and
> got no reply, I assumed his answer was no.

There are two possibilities.
1) I never saw your mail.
2) It's in my stack of mail to reply to.

I get 10 times as much MUD mail as personal mail and, unfortunately, I don't
have time to reply to all of it.  In fact, when things get busy in my life,
I summarily file away all MUD mail for future reading without even reading it
the first time.

If it was something good it's probably in my 'goodmud' folder, which is the
pile of mail of useful patches, enhancements, and well-researched bug reports
which I plan on getting back to and putting in a future release.

Did you send me patches or send me mail saying "I have patches"?

> C) I never ever ever ever EVER said profit. I NEVER said that I wanted to
> make a profit off the mud. I never IMPLIED that I wanted to make a profit
> off the mud. What I DID say was that it would be nice if we could accept
> donations to help offset the costs of running a mud. When a player hears be
> bitch about my phone and ISP bill, and they willingly and gladly offer me a
> donation without me even asking for it (It HAS happened) it kinda sucks that
> I have to say no because the diku creators said that I cant. Well
> regardless. I'm junking all the circle code in my mud anyway sometime soon
> and rewriting it to the way I'd like it, so dont bitch about socket handling
> and port shit and whatnot. Because I do know how to do it.

I'd like to quote from the Circle license.

<begin quote>
-- Claims that any of the above requirements are inapplicable to a particular
   MUD for reasons such as "our MUD is totally rewritten" or similar are
   completely invalid.  If you can write a MUD completely from scratch then
   you are encouraged to do so by all means, but use of any part of the
   CircleMUD or DikuMUD source code requires that their respective licenses
   be followed, including the crediting requirements.
<end quote>

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