From: malcor (
Date: 07/03/96

Hello all :)

Does anybody know how to put a class in circle 2.2 and be willing to send 
me a doc or a sample please? I put them in :

 if (((GET_CLASS(ch) == CLASS_THIEF) || (GET_CLASS(ch) ==
 CLASS_MONK) || GET_LEVEL(ch) >= LEVEL_AMBAS) && (ch != i)) 
act.wizard.c:   case CLASS_MONK:
act.wizard.c:   case CLASS_MONK :
interpreter.c:      case 'o': GET_CLASS(d->character) = CLASS_MONK; break;
limits.c:   case CLASS_MONK :
spec_pro.c:   case CLASS_MONK:
spec_procs.c:   case CLASS_MONK:
spell_parser.c:      } else if (GET_CLASS(ch) == CLASS_MONK) {     

and the damn thing crashes when i type o at the list :(

another quich question does anybody know or have an idea where i can 
defing the letter values for zones ? I have MANY circle 3.0 zones and it 
will not accept them so i go in and change them myself :(.

p.s. I am not running 3.0 becaus i can't get the MAX_TITLE_LENGTH to stop 
doing core dumps :(.


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