RE: Question about connecting to my newly compilied CircleMud

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 07/03/96

>Don't use Zmud.  It's possibly the slowest, biggest, most buggy, useless
>program I've ever seen.
>Other than that, it's great.

Don't use Zmud?!?!? It's darn near the only mud client worth it's weight in
bits .. Slow? I've not found it slow.. maybe if you have yesterday's hardware, but
if you have a slow machine, maybe windows isn't what you should be running?

Buggy? Name one beta app you've seen that wasn't...

Useless? I guess if you don't like triggers, hate aliases and can't stand multiple
windows to seperate all the spam from your mud session then it's useless..

My two cents? Use Zmud, Know Zmud. It's your friend :)


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