CODE: God levels

From: Sliver (
Date: 07/03/96

I went into the file structs.h and changed the #define LVL_xxx levels around a bit...
above these there is a little reminder,
 * **DO**NOT** blindly change the number of levels in your MUD merely by
 * changing these numbers and without changing the rest of the code to match.
 * Other changes throughout the code are required.  See coding.doc for
 * details.

now, I went through the rest of the code, and looked for more code refering to te God 
levels, but found none (excluding interpriter.c and autowiz.c) so I compiled with no 
errors. I then erased my player base, so I could boot-up with the new levels in place, 
and so the mud would automatically make me a new imp char. All goes fine until I pick my 
class... it crashes the mud, and dumps core, with no error in the syslogs...



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