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From: Byoung-Hwan Lee (
Date: 07/04/96

On Wed, 3 Jul 1996, Sliver wrote:

> I went into the file structs.h and changed the #define LVL_xxx levels around a bit...
> above these there is a little reminder,
> /*
>  * **DO**NOT** blindly change the number of levels in your MUD merely by
>  * changing these numbers and without changing the rest of the code to match.
>  * Other changes throughout the code are required.  See coding.doc for
>  * details.
>  */

Just editing LVL_xxx in structs.h makes some problem.
> now, I went through the rest of the code, and looked for more code refering to te God 
> levels, but found none (excluding interpriter.c and autowiz.c) so I compiled with no 
> errors. I then erased my player base, so I could boot-up with the new levels in place, 
> and so the mud would automatically make me a new imp char. All goes fine until I pick my 
> class... it crashes the mud, and dumps core, with no error in the syslogs...

Problem is CRASH the mud in chosing class.
Because THAC0 in class.c wasn't modified.
Check out THAC0 in class.c .
THAC0's data number in class.c is equal to level number.


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